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About Dr. Ware

Dr. Charlie Ware is a natural medicine physician who has been in his patients’ shoes and he is passionate about walking them to their own healing. He is the founder and chief formulator for Healing Blends Global, an all-natural herbal supplement company, and the creator of EvenFlo, the first supplement of its kind;  proven 97% effective in double-blind studies to help individuals with the debilitating disease of sickle cell anemia with zero negative side effects.


Dr. Charlie Ware is an international lecturer and researcher, renowned for developing products and wellness programs for several Fortune 500 companies. In his private practice, Dr. Ware regularly works with CEO’s, entertainers, Grammy award-winning musicians, Oscar winners, NFL, and other professional sports stars.


For Dr. Ware, every patient is treated as an individual. No matter one’s health complexities, his extensive knowledge, and experience in functional medicine, epigenetics and genomics, and traditional Chinese medicine allow him to tailor treatment plans specifically for the needs of the individual.


His expertise is vast and his credentials speak for themselves but, for Dr. Ware, those things only matter if he does something with them.



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Healing Blends Global

Dr. Ware knows personally what it’s like to face a seemingly “hopeless” health situation. Born with the sickle cell trait and told that he would likely not live into his early 20’s, he had a choice; surrender to his diagnose or find another way.  Healing Blends Global is the result of his choosing the latter. Rather than succumb to a life of limitations, he has become a leading expert in the world of all-natural herbal formulas.

Putting his knowledge of traditional Chinese herbology to work, Dr. Ware’s brainchild Healing Blends Global was birthed out of his desire to heal himself. It has since revolutionized the way users think of and consume nutritional supplements. Healing Blend’s flagship product EvenFlo is at the cutting edge of the Sickle Cell Disease movement and is clinically proven to be 97% effective at preventing the sickle cell crisis.

With his patients’ variety of needs always in mind, he has created numerous herbal supplements to help with a wide range of ailments; from sore throats and tummy aches to diabetes and malaria. Dr. Ware doesn’t back down from a challenge and considers no diagnose as “dyer”. He will continue to create natural products that everyone can have in their household pantry.


Creator of EvenFlo

Science-based, Research-driven, Proven 97% Effective.

Imagine an epidemic so devastating it claims the lives of hundreds of thousands of infants every year. Imagine being the parent of a young one dying with no hope. Now imagine a product so effective that it can cause a change in the life expectancy and trajectory for 97% of these children.

In an industry where the average rate of product effectiveness is 15%, Dr. Ware is formulating natural supplements that have been proven (subject to double-blind studies) to show 97% effectiveness against the sickle-cell epidemic with ZERO negative side effects.  

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Health, Nutrition, and Gene Counseling

What if you could understand your health on the genetic level?

Everyone knows a proper diet and exercise is important for health. But what if you could understand why this is true for you based on your personal genetic makeup? What if understanding your genes and tailoring treatment could take you from being on the sick model… to never being sick again? From chronic pain to never feeling pain again? From barely surviving to thriving and living your best life?

Sound complex?

For Dr. Ware, it’s actually quite simple. Epigenetics is the study of how your diet and lifestyle affect the expression of your genes. Dr. Ware is one of the few physicians in the world at the forefront of this movement. And he loves taking what he learns about your genetic makeup and relaying it to you in relatable, bite-sized chunks.

Dr. Ware has made available comprehensive genetic testing and telehealth consultations that can help you on the right track to feeling your best.