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Help is Just a Video Chat Away

Dr. Ware is here to support your health goals, no matter where you are. He will guide you in a 45- Minute Custom TeleHealth Consultation.


It’s time to prioritize your health. 

Most of us say, “One day I’ll lose weight, one day I’ll start eating right, one day I’ll do something about this stress and high blood pressure.” 

How about today? 

What simple, preemptive steps can you take now for a much stronger, healthier, immune fighting you? 

Don’t rely on social media and misinformation.

The world renowned creator of the Healing Blends brand, Dr. Charlie Ware has a career spanning decades and is now opening a select few slots in order to offer you well-researched, clinically proven ways to improve your immunity and your health…even if you have neglected yourself in the past.

What clients are saying:


  • Be conducted live on a secure video-conferencing platform. We care about your privacy. And you won’t need to leave your house.

  • Cover customized health, lifestyle modification, and supplement advice from Dr. Charlie Ware.

  • Be followed by the shipping of appropriate, prescribed supplements by Dr. Ware. Receive them via contact-less delivery from the comfort of your home.

  • Give you much needed relief from the hysteria and equip you with all the tools you need to keep yourself healthy.