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Can’t Find Credible Information to Care for Your Infant with Sickle Cell Disease? Confused by Conflicting Advice Online? No One to Turn to for Answers?

Dr. Charlie Ware’s created the only research-based, step-by-step instruction manual to detect and prevent crisis in infants at home, and successfully care for them over the first 12 months.


Why Trust Dr. Charlie Ware with Your Baby’s Health?

Because over 5000 warrior moms have.

This guide draws on Dr. Ware’s 20+ years of functional medicine experience and his research developing EvenFlo Jr. –  the only peer reviewed Sickle Cell supplement that’s 93% effective in preventing crisis.

Stop Using Google as the Expert For Your Baby. Rely on Dr. Ware’s Decades of Hands-On Experience Giving Little Warriors a Better Life.

Googling symptoms and remedies does not work. The search engine pulls up the most optimized resources, not the most effective ones.

But in this comprehensive guide you will:

  • Grasp the basics of Sickle Cell Disease and the factors that trigger crisis.
  • Know the first signs of crisis and the scientifically sound actions that can prevent it.
  • Dive into kid-friendly protocols to manage a fever and cough.
  • Get access to protocols that counter eczema, thrush, and diarrhea.

Go from being overwhelmed by your child’s diagnosis to knowing exactly what to do when your baby coughs or sneezes.